"I was impressed with how well the WW1 challenge event was run over the weekend. I only did the first leg & I was amazed at how well EEE ran this event. I did two Oxfam events this year & Kokoda last year & this one really opened my eyes as to how many teams can come together & form “ONE team” I liked how everybody stayed together & it wasn’t a race!" 


"I was very impressed with the way the do a trek event was managed, I can only describe it as thoroughly professional on every level, and the high standard of medical support was also very reassuring. 

Personally this was a huge challenge for myself – without question the hardest physical challenge I have undertaken in years!  I have no doubt that I would not have made it without the pre-trek training walks on offer and for your support in getting me up and down those hills.


The EEE team’s attitude and support was exemplary throughout the day – even when they were perhaps feeling a little jaded themselves they managed to remain courteous and supportive – legends!"


Join the fun and support a great cause.

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