Rules of Engagement

To participate in The DO A TREK Challenge, there are rules that must be followed:

1. All team members must be aged 18 or above unless approved by the organiser in advance in writing and will only be so approved where a parent or guardian has signed the appropriate form(s). The minimum age for students participating in the event is 16 years of age and must be accompanied by an adult for the entirety of the course or where multiple adults are involved for each leg. Where necessary Adults accompanying, minors must be Blue Card certified.

2. At the start of the event, any team(s) must have a minimum of four members with a maximum of five members.

3. Teams must register and check in during their allocated check in period. Check in times will be on Sunday morning at the following time slot: 0445 -0500. DO A TREK to connect challenge bus departs at 0500, we cannot wait for anyone.

4. On the 42km Trek there is one major checkpoint throughout the course excluding the start and finish points. All trek participants must remain together between checkpoints. All participants must check in and check out as a group at each checkpoint. Checkpoint staff will not check in or check out a team until all members are accounted for.

5. Do not drop litter on the ground. Please respect the environment and carry out all your rubbish or discard at any bins provided. (This includes cigarette butts. Do not leave butts in tall grass or other flammable materials.) Anyone observed littering will be removed immediately from the event.

6. Under no circumstances are any participants to be left unattended. If a participant is seriously injured and cannot be moved, one person must remain with them while another participant alerts the accompanying medical personnel, EEE event Medics should be no further than 100 metres away.

7. If you want to withdraw during the event, you must first report to the Trek Group Leader or Trek Group Medic who will sign you out at the next checkpoint and assign you to a transport vehicle until that checkpoint is reached, at which time you will have your entry bib code recorded as having left the event. You will not be permitted to leave the Checkpoint until your support crew has also signed you out.

8. If you do not notify event organixers of your intention to leave a checkpoint prior to doing so, this will result in an emergency services response. This can waste valuable resources, which may be required elsewhere and for which you may be held financially accountable for.

9. Identification (eg. Bibs) must be worn always during the event.

10. A team must notify the DO A TREK to connect Challenge organisers of any change of team members via email. No substitutions will be allowed once the event starts. Any team found to be substituting without prior notification or during the event will be withdrawn.

11. If in the opinion of medical personnel, a team member is unable to continue for medical reasons, then the organisers reserve the right to remove that member from the event.

12. Each team captain must attend one information night prior to the event. All team members are welcome to attend as well.

13. All participants must read the Trekkers Handbook and be fully prepared on the morning of the event to commence trek with all equipment and provisions.



Join the fun and support a great cause.

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